3D ETPLUS, the all-in-one solution for 3D printing in Switzerland

How did it all begin?

We can’t talk about 3D ETPLUS without mentioning its founder and current CEO, Jon Charnas.

The young Charnas was passionate about model aircraft, spending hours assembling, disassembling and reassembling anything he could get his hands on. But he wanted to go even further, namely to build his own models: he got to the point of playing with profile-drawing software to improve flight performance!

Later, once he’d earned a master’s degree in computer science, he started thinking about building his own models. It was at this point that 3D printing became an obvious means to an end.

But the models on the market were not what he was looking for. Too small, not adapted to the parts he wanted to create.

From there, the adventure of the Monster Kossel began: long evenings of work and calculations, assembly and adjustments to develop a 3D printer capable of making much larger objects, and which met specific use criteria.

From the outset, he wanted this concept to be community-based and open source, so that it could be modified to solve various printing difficulties.

From the design of his printer to the creation of a marketable model, there was only one step left to take: 3D ETPLUS was born!

Alongside his entrepreneurial adventure, our CEO is an active member of the FabLab de la Côte. Working on a voluntary basis, he manages and maintains a fleet of high-performance tools (3D printers, laser cutters, CNC milling machines and thermoforming machines), and offers training courses on this technology. He also runs the association’s electronics workshop. Pedagogy and technique are the watchwords at the FabLab!

The encounter with 3D Evolve and later the Buffoli group

It was a meeting between enthusiasts at a trade show in 2018 that was to change things.

Indeed, the young, innovative Italian start-up 3D Evolve also offers an ultra-precise 3D printer, the F1W. It wasn’t long before strong bonds were forged between 3D Evolve’s technical experts and the new Swiss team, each benefiting from the other’s experience.

In 2021, 3D Evolve will join the BUFFOLI Industries group, which specializes in the design and manufacture of turnkey machine tools. The group, with its worldwide presence, enabled the start-up to move to the next level. Comprising a team of highly qualified professionals in industrial automation, it expands Buffoli Industries’ offering in the 3D printing sector, adding to an already extensive catalog of products and services.

3D ETPLUS, a Swiss-Italian synergy in the world of 3D printing

3D ETPLUS will join the BUFFOLI Industries group in 2022. In addition to ensuring the economic stability of the whole, it was in an environment particularly conducive to innovation that this collaboration was born.

With the manufacture of innovative 3D printers and a very high level of expertise in both engineering and training in this technology, 3D ETPLUS is a key player for your needs in equipment, consulting and even for the printing of small series objects.

Of course, the young company provides services in Switzerland, but it is now extending its reach to the whole of French-speaking Europe, and occasionally to the United States.

Offering multiple gateways to cutting-edge fields, this Italian-Swiss synergy is the best response to your problems and constraints, making 3D printing the technology that will transform the manufacture of your products and propel your business to the next level.

3D ETPLUS, a company focused on the circular economy

Aware of its environmental footprint and committed to a responsible approach, 3D ETPLUS aims to develop a modern machining center using recycled materials. It also plans to integrate sustainable transition principles by printing replacement parts no longer found on the market.

It’s an act of good citizenship, in line with the company’s desire to play its part in reducing and reprocessing waste.