A custom 3D printer assembled in Switzerland

A 3D printer adapted to your needs

The 3D printer market is in constant evolution and every manufacturer is always releasing new designs. But do the releases always correspond to the real needs of each user? Must you settle for a printer that only approaches your requirements, instead of getting 100% satisfaction? With the Monster Kossel, turn the tables around and get the ideal printer that matches your specific needs!

Why offer the Monster Kossel, this fully custom built 3D printer?

While looking around the 3D printer offerings, I realized that most manufacturers offer printer designs that match their development criteria, but not necessarily the buyers’ needs. The latter ended up in the uncomfortable position of having to choose one of the default models offered.

It is why I took the time to fully study each component to give the Monster Kossel a maximum amount of modularity. 

The Monster Kossel is:

  • A Delta-style printer with fully customizable sizes based on the client requirements (incredible print heights and resizing of the print bed).
  • Incredible precision even at the top of tall parts. Due to the Delta motion system, the printed part does not move, only the nozzle does.
  • A direct drive extruder with a remotely mounted motor to keep the head light. Flexible and rigid filaments benefit from this mechanism, as retractions are better controlled. You can also choose what size nozzle you wish to print with. These two characteristics combined allow to reach incredible print speeds. We are allowing for fast print head movements as well as a high flow of deposited material.
  • The choice of adding on custom-sized panels to create a closed printing chamber that can be heated, as required for certain materials. In addition these sealed panels are strongly recommended when printing filaments releasing toxic vapors. A combination adding a particle and charcoal filter in addition to a strong extraction fan lets you evacuate the fumes out of your workshop.
  • A water-cooled hotend if you opt for a closed chamber. To get good results, the filament must stay cold and solid until the nozzle where it rapidly transitions to its liquid state. This type of water cooling nozzle is recommended when panels are installed. Without them, a regular air cooled hotend will work perfectly fine.
  • A quiet printer: you will be able to keep working in the same room!

What differentiates it from what you can find on the market?

I named this printer the Monster Kossel after Frankenstein’s monster. My initial design was using parts from many different providers. Not being tied to a single component manufacturer, I am free to equip the printer with the latest and greatest improvements available on the market at the time of purchase.

With the Monster Kossel you are guaranteed:

  • To benefit from the best materials and techniques, with a desire for continuous improvement of the design
  • An open-source machine that can easily be modified after delivery based on changing requirements. In addition, I will be there to help you fine-tune your machine settings after your changes
  • No surprises when writing up the requirements document for your printer. Together we examine your needs to design a printer that meets them all
  • The ability to further refine or optimize the machine. Certain parts can be modified based on the evolution of your project

How does ordering and delivery work?

If you are interested by the Monster Kossel concept, we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss your imperatives. This initial analysis step is critical, as it is the beginning of the requirements for your custom 3D printer. Once the quote is accepted, the command and delivery of the parts take about two weeks.

Regarding delivery, it will depend on the size of the machine. If the machine is moveable, I will deliver it directly to your workshop. In case where the dimensions exceed what is transportable, I will pre-assemble a number of parts in my workshop and finish the assembly in yours.

The Monster Kossel is thus not a new printer on the market, it’s your 3D printer, the one that will have the most synergy with your business.

If you are interested by the concept of this machine, or if you want to know more, contact me and it will be my pleasure to answer your questions!