Coaching for 3D printing in Switzerland

Train and improve your 3D printing skills

Almost every day incredible feats of 3D printers make headlines. The acceleration at which the materials and processes grow mark it as an industry in full expansion. As a result, many companies, associations and even private individuals use this technology. In order to discover these machines, or improve your knowledge of them, I offer several training options adapted to your level.

First steps


Are you a complete beginner with 3D printing? No problem!

To begin the technical understanding, I will walk you through the various parts of the printer, how it works and the various steps to follow. The goal of this introductory program is, particularly for companies, develop autonomy and the capacity to rapidly begin producing 3D printed parts.

At the same time, I do not neglect private individuals desiring to start 3D printing. If this is your case, I will direct you to the Fablab la Côte where I am an active member. In this non-profit you will learn the basics of the technology with machines and projects better suited for individual consumers.

Procurement advice

Learning the theory is an excellent way to start. However moving on to the procurement step can be an incredible challenge given how many 3D printers and consumables you will find on the market. Taking advantage of my experience, I can help you refine your decision-making process by running a quick analysis of your needs.

Indeed, parameters such as the size, different components but also costs come under consideration for your future machine. If you factor in the usage frequency and limit maintenance goals, you will quickly understand that having professional advice can save you both time and money!

For certain specific use-cases, do not hesitate to check on the particulars of the Monster Kossel (link to page), a completely custom-sized 3D printer!

Practical training

For 3D printing, it is essential to focus learning on practical aspects. It is when manipulating and facing the realities of printing that one learns fastest. Whether these are one on one or group sessions, remote or in-person, I will adapt to your organisation to optimize the coaching. In addition, we will be able to study the constraints of installing a printer in your workshop and what additional arrangements to plan for: positionin in the workshop, or ventilation to install based on the materials used…

3D printing coaching for Switzerland-based professionals

Advanced skills training

For those desiring to improve their techniques on their printer, I offer customized coaching aimed at making trainees even more independent. For example, in a session we could study how to print specific part shapes.

Other topics involve material properties, but also functionalities and printer limitations. These sessions can also then cover post-processing methods, such as providing a smoother feel or strengthened parts.


I am at your side in case of a problem during a print. My years of experience help me rapidly identify the origin of a problem and what steps to take to resolve them. I therefore work on the printer itself, on specific problematic components.

I advise you in terms of different consumables, such as filaments. Depending on the material used, but also the shape of the object you wish to print, you are bound to run into some problems. Those can range from a surface finish issue all the way to completely unrecognizable prints: deformed areas, blobbing, poor precision…

Specific training

It is in that spirit that I offer specific coaching sessions for advanced users. During those sessions I answer specific questions regarding different materials and their uses, but also on printer settings and adjustments to different components.

Depending on the type of coaching, these sessions are done one-on-one or as a group in your workshop. Specific subjects that do not require practical manipulations on my part, can be done by video conference.

Service and maintenance

To complete my offerings, I also offer printer service and maintenance.


Service sessions generally begin online, whether by phone or video call. Depending on the issue I can identify which components are at fault. It can, for instance, be a clogged nozzle, a poorly spinning fan or an electronics problem. I remotely talk you through the different steps to resolve those simple problems.

In person

You can understand that some repairs may require an on-site intervention.

Changing parts on certain printers require specific know-how. This is why I guarantee a safe dis- and re-assembly of your printer as well as post-service calibration. You can safely resume your part printing once my service is completed.

With 3D ETPLUS, you increase you chances to successfully integrate 3D printing in your activities. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact me, that we may together apply the best solution to your needs!