To present and talk about the company 3D ETPLUS, what can be better than to let its founder speak! Jon Charnas agreed to answer 4 questions, from the beginnings of his passion to the creation and development of his company.

Jon, how did you catch the 3D printing bug?

Everything started during my teenage years. I was a techno geek: I loved to build, tear down and rebuild everything I could get my hands on! As such, model planes came about rather naturally. I spent hours working on models, and a few years later I couldn’t help but learn to fly RC planes and gliders.

Very quickly though, I realized that a number of parts were hard to find on the market, or they were the wrong scale. On top of that, I wanted to build my own models. I’d gotten to the point of playing with design software to tweak airfoils for better flight performance!

Once my computer science master in hand, I only needed a few months to think : “Why wouldn’t I build them myself?” The 3D printing bug was just about to hit me.

My first passion directed me towards the technology which was just starting to become accessible. A second passion was beginning to bloom, because, as you can guess, I didn’t want to stop there and be happy with existing machines.

Wanting to build my own models was always on my mind… But the printers on the market are way too small!

I spent many long evenings of work and calculations, assembly and tuning to put together a 3D printer capable of making significantly larger prints that met specific use cases.

And finally, one day, there she was, in front of me. It only needed a name. Given the dimensions of the thing and the hodge-podge sourcing of its components, I called it the “Monster Kossel” in reference to Frankenstein’s monster!

From the beginning, I wanted this community concept to be open-source, to be modifiable and as such offer solutions for multiple kinds of use-cases.

I’ll be honest, I never expected my personal project to grow in the direction it did a while later.

Has your joining of the Fablab transformed your vision regarding 3D printing?

Absolutely! It was a crucial step for me. I joined the Fablab La Côte when I needed to use their laser cutter for a model plane part. When I got there I couldn’t help but notice they had a problem with their 3D printer. The rest, you can guess, right? I didn’t need much of a push to become an active member, and later became the association secretary.

It is a creative and techical universe in which I am like a fish in water. Using my skills in automation of complex IT systems to help private individuals or small companies as part of the Fablab taught me a lot. We’re talking managing a number of machines, but also simplifying and teaching of 3D printing. This way I acquired not only technical and maintenance skills, but also educational ones.

Transitioned from secretary to president of the Fablab, I realized that passing on knowledge and solving technical problems had become the norm for me.

3D ETPLUS, a natural conclusion for Jon Charnas’s story with 3D printing?

The various experiences linked to my passions brought me to create 3D ETPLUS. The result of a multi-year partnership with 3D EVOLVE, an italian company specialized in high precision 3D printing, I can depend on a network of great technical experts. In addition, the two companies are backed by the BUFFOLI Italian industrial group, which brings economic stability to the whole.

It is in this environment, particularly well suited for innovation that 3D ETPLUS is developing. I offer my clients a wide range of services, such as training, print service for their designs and even the acquisition of a custom 3D printer adjusted to suit the user’s specific needs.

So yes, one could say it: 3D ETPLUS is intimately linked to my growth. I am very satisfied in being able to bring foward a project bringing together passion and entrepreneurial adventure!

Jon, any last words?

“Choose a job you love, and you’ll never need to work a day in your life.”

This quote really speaks to me. I mean, every new client is a new challenge in terms of coaching, or a new technical challenge to overcome. In all cases, it is the same passion that drives me forwards: share knowledge and make things move along the right path!