Complex printing requests

When a request comes in to print complicated shapes, with less common materials, one needs to reflect and test. But in general it yields usable results.

Orthopedic shoes to be printed in Polypropylene (PP), without internal supports or structures? The best option is a belt printer. The inside is support- and infill-free, and the outside only needs supports under the sole. Tests of the shape first using petg, to eliminate the material factor. Once validated, tests can run with the more difficult material.

Complete shape in pink PET, once the sole supports removed. The PP supports are beginning to print in the background. The pink PET had some defects of printing, related to this particular spool. Use cheap plastic for quick tests. Better quality spools yield better results for the final print.
Truncated shape test to validate the inner surface finish. Aside from extrusion issues with the pink PET, the extrusion and shape are well maintained.
Beginning of the PP print on the belt of the CR-30, after having put down a layer of PP-friendly adhesive.

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